We're very pleased to announce that Nyetimber, England’s finest sparkling wine, is the official wine sponsor of Ibiza Delivers in 2016. Available exclusively with Ibiza Delivers, Nyetimber is fast becoming a rival to champagne. Consistently outperforming its Francophone competitors at blind tastings, Nyetimber has won numerous international awards and sparkling wine accolades.

We thought you would like to read a little about the vineyard's history…


The Nyetimber Estate counts three major landmarks in its history. Its earliest beginnings saw it first recorded in the Domesday Book in 1086. Then there was the planting of the first vines, almost exactly 900 years later. Most recently, there was the decision in 2006 that Nyetimber wines deserved an audience on the world stage.

Nyetimber is in the fortunate position to own one hundred percent of our vineyards and all of our wines are produced from the 170 hectares we have planted at the best sites in West Sussex and Hampshire. Nyetimber’s vineyards were the first to be devoted exclusively to the holy trinity of Champagne grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir.

A millennium might have passed since our name was coined as ‘Nitimbreha’, likely referring to a newly timbered house or perhaps a small timber plantation. But the most significant developments for this House have taken place in a single decade with our winemaking team among the most proficient in the world.

Lie of the Land

Southern England is perfect for the production of sparkling wine. The chalk seam that supplies Champagne grapes with the perfect green sand and chalky soil to flourish is the very same that runs under the lee of the South Downs. This is where, sheltered from the coastal winds, our vines are planted across eight separate sites.

The climate here allows for the slow ripening of our grapes, allowing us to achieve the optimum level of acidity for the wine, as well as the complexity and finesse that we strive for. 

Unlike most other Houses, at Nyetimber we use only our own grapes from our own vineyards. Prior to harvest, the grapes are tasted to ensure the best flavour development before picking. And if they aren’t up to standard? We simply won’t use them.

Where Art Meets Science

Our winemaker, Cherie Spriggs, is central to every decision that gets made. She assesses each and every handpicked vineyard individually. This means choosing the optimal time to harvest the grapes, and supervising their gentle pressing and eventual vinification in stainless steel tanks. This level of intimacy allows us to make the most informed blending decisions the following spring.

We craft all our wines at Nyetimber according to the traditional method, aging them for extended periods of time and giving the bottles sufficient post-disgorgement time before release. Since each and every decision along the way has an impact on the eventual flavour of our wines, we are careful to do everything ourselves, in the way we believe it should be done.