Casamigos Tequila Sponsors Ibiza Delivers

Casamigos, which when translated means "House of Friends," started out amongst longtime friends George Clooney and pals Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman who simply adored tequila.

They loved it so much that they decided to make their own version perfectly made just for them.  They wanted to create a tequila which was extremely smooth with a luxurious finish.

The venture started from the simple idea of making the smoothest and perfect tequila whose taste didn't have to be mixed with lime or salt anymore. They worked on this masterpiece for years with their master distiller in Jalisco and also visited many blind tastings until they came up with the perfect texture which the tequila is known for today.

Gerber shared in an interview that it cost them two years in developing Casamigos and another two years drinking it. But the initial plan was not to release it to the public though. "It's all we serve at our homes in Mexico, so it's literally our house tequila."

But one day, they received a call from the distillery informing them that they had already been ordering 1,000 bottles of Casamigos Tequila only within that year. Because of that, they were advised, that if they wanted to keep making the tequila, they have to get legit in order for their distiller to keep producing their beloved tequila. By then, that's when their business was created.

"We are delighted that consumers and tequila connoisseurs alike enjoy our award-winning spirit. This is quality you can taste, so raise a glass with our award-winning spirit," Gerber said.

Now, the business has grown and already conquering the market, but the core message of the product still remains the same: friendship. In fact, the product's newest social media campaign is "House of Friends." And when it was shared online in June 2015, the company even encouraged other tequila aficionados to share their videos and photos enjoying Casamigos with their friends and loved ones.

"George and I made the tequila ourselves and had a lot of good times coming up with the perfect one. It was made by friends, for friends and that's what we're all about: friendship," Gerber said.