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Exotic & Seasonal Fruits

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  1. Mango 550g
    Mango 550g
    SKU: IDX997
  2. Organic Product
    Organic Kiwi 650g
    Organic Kiwi 650g
    SKU: ID7515
  3. Papaya 600g Unit
    Papaya 600g Unit
    SKU: IDF013
  4. Figs 1kg
    Figs 1kg
    SKU: ID3140
  5. Apricots 1kg
    Apricots 1kg
    SKU: ID3139
  6. Pomegranate 250g Unit
    Pomegranate 250g Unit
    SKU: ID3063
  7. Kiwi Green 1kg
    Kiwi Green 1kg
    SKU: ID3059
  8. Pineapple Avion approx 2kg
    Pineapple Avion approx 2kg
    SKU: ID3057
  9. Mango Avion 800g Unit
    Mango Avion 800g Unit
    SKU: ID3056
  10. Coconut Unit
    Coconut Unit
    SKU: ID3054

10 Items

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