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Artichokes & Mushrooms

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  1. Mushrooms Shimiji Brown Punnet
    Mushrooms Shimiji Brown Punnet
    SKU: IDX758
  2. Mushrooms Shimiji White Punnet
    Mushrooms Shimiji White Punnet
    SKU: IDX757
  3. Mushrooms Enoki Punnet
    Mushrooms Enoki Punnet
    SKU: IDX756
  4. Mushrooms Shitake 300g
    Mushrooms Shitake 300g
    SKU: IDF042
  5. Mushrooms Portobello 500g
    Mushrooms Portobello 500g
    SKU: IDF039
  6. Mushroom Sliced 300g
    Mushroom Sliced 300g
    SKU: ID3080
  7. Mushroom Button 400g
    Mushroom Button 400g
    SKU: ID3079
  8. Artichoke approx 1kg
    Artichoke approx 1kg
    SKU: ID3029

8 Items

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