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Cress, Shoots & Sprouts

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  1. Asparagus Shoots 200g
    Asparagus Shoots 200g
    SKU: IDX775
  2. Sprouted Onion Shoots 200g
    Sprouted Onion Shoots 200g
    SKU: IDX774
  3. Sprouted Cabbage Shoots 200g
    Sprouted Cabbage Shoots 200g
    SKU: IDX773
  4. Radish Sprout Shoots 200g
    Radish Sprout Shoots 200g
    SKU: IDX772
  5. Sakura Mix Punnet
    Sakura Mix Punnet
    SKU: IDX761
  6. Soy Bean Shoots 100g
    Soy Bean Shoots 100g
    SKU: IDF082
  7. Alfalfa Shoots 100g
    Alfalfa Shoots 100g
    SKU: IDL090

7 Items

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