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Greens & Spinach

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  1. Local Product
    Ibiza Chard Bunch
    Ibiza Chard Bunch
    SKU: IDL0006
  2. Local Product
    Ibiza Courgette 1kg
    Ibiza Courgette 1kg
  3. Spinach Loose Bunch
    Spinach Loose Bunch
    SKU: IDX782
  4. Tender Stem Brocoli 300g
    Tender Stem Brocoli 300g
    SKU: IDX777
  5. Courgettes 1kg
    Courgettes 1kg
    SKU: ID3017
  6. Pak Choi Bunch 180g
    Pak Choi Bunch 180g
    SKU: IDF025
  7. Spinach Bag 300g
    Spinach Bag 300g
    SKU: IDL091
  8. Baby Spinach Pack 150g
    Baby Spinach Pack 150g
    SKU: ID3113
  9. Bean Broad 250g
    Bean Broad 250g
    SKU: ID3076
  10. Beans Green 250g
    Beans Green 250g
    SKU: ID3075
  11. Broccoli 400g
    Broccoli 400g
    SKU: ID3026
  12. Asparagus Bunch 250g
    Asparagus Bunch 250g
    SKU: ID3025

12 Items

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