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Root Vegetables

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  1. Parsnips 1kg
    Parsnips 1kg
    SKU: IDX755
  2. Carrots Mini 200g
    Carrots Mini 200g
    SKU: IDX754
  3. Organic Product
    Organic Carrots 700g
    Organic Carrots 700g
    SKU: ID7500
  4. Butternut Squash 2kg 1unit
    Butternut Squash 2kg 1unit
    SKU: IDF055
  5. Beetroot (fresh) 500gr
    Beetroot (fresh) 500gr
    SKU: IDF024
  6. Cooked Beetroot 450g
    Cooked Beetroot 450g
    SKU: ID3081
  7. Carrots  1kg
    Carrots 1kg
    SKU: ID3066
  8. Carrots with Stems 1Kg
    Carrots with Stems 1Kg
    SKU: ID3034
  9. Radish bunch
    Radish bunch
    SKU: ID3031

9 Items

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