We deliver onshore by truck & offshore with our Hunton 1005 RIB



Ibiza Delivers Provisions can provide everything you need to re-stock the galley, interior, bar and cellar. We pride ourselves on both the quality of our produce and our exceptional levels of customer service, ensuring that we are the first choice in partner for Chefs, Chief Stewardess’ and Captains.



Our team is made up of individuals with both chef and yacht experience which gives us an intimate understanding of the excellent quality and high level of service you and your clients expect.

An Account Manager is assigned to every yacht we work with, building a personal relationship with the key crew members and enabling the creation of a long-term and valued relationship.

Aware of the pressures involved and the busy nature of working on yachts, we try to work as flexibly and efficiently as possible to fulfil all of your demands.

We feedback any availability issues in real time with chefs so substitutions can be made and we are available to receive emails or phone calls throughout the day for top up orders or emergency supplies.


We deliver 7 days a week to any marina, villa or residence and can meet the tender at any location across the island.

Orders are processed at 6am to ensure we can source and deliver fresh and quality produce daily and on time. We pay special attention to the storage and transport of your produce; our fleet consists of both refrigerated and temperate vans and our warehouse has industrial fridges for each food type.

We vacuum pack all meat and fish to your specifications and can make deliveries without any cardboard if required.

An Account Manager will be present with every delivery to ensure all of the produce meets with your expectations.



Supply Chain

Whether you are fulfilling the food & beverage needs of the owner, a charter or the crew, we have the knowledge, experience and resources to provide you with the best quality produce.

From Organic, Halal, the freshest fish to miniature vegetables and micro cress, from sushi rice to aged balsamic vinegar, we have the best supply chain on Ibiza using a well-established network of local partners, suppliers and wholesalers, ensuring we can deliver `quality produce with rapid response times.

Our focus on shore side provisioning means we offer a well-priced service. We also import goods and are able to source any item you require from anywhere in the World, from specialist ingredients to kitchen appliances using our courier network to ensure swift delivery.